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A good relationship

Your archery equipment needs to be both safe, and well fitted and suited to you and your needs. Whether you buy your archery equipment from an archery shop or not, it's a good idea to strike up a good relationship with a helpful and knowledgeable archery shop owner who loves helping people get started.


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Recently I started to update a set of clothes that I could wear as an archer for an outdoor competition. It’s hard to define a set standard for archery wear as an athlete because there is too few choices of clothing items that make it distinct from the other sports. Tennis players are famous for their polyester jerseys, tank tops and shorts, as well as their bouncy shoes. Football soccer players have their shirts, shorts and long socks as well as their boots. Both of these sports are of a physically demanding type where the athletes need to run about and work up a sweat. Some forms of archery like target archery and field archery don’t require much moving around, especially as they need to be careful not to hurt anyone with their bows and arrows in a sport. So what would you be expected to wear in a sport that requires so little physical movements yet needs to be adequate for performing that routine?


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It would be a sheer miracle if an impaired arrow could actually hit the right target.  So unless you are new to archery, you would know just how important it is to prioritize the welfare of your arrows.

It’s no brainer, with a damaged fletching or a dented shaft you’re only destining yourself to failure. So why not take the extra measure to avoid such a disappointment and just store them correctly, as that is one of the key ways to keeping your archery equipments intact.

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