How to tighten up wheels on the Everest Roller case.

February 07, 2018

Legend Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case - Airline Approved, TSA Lock-Legend Outdoor Industries
Everest Bow Case - Airline Approved
Legend Apollo Compound Bow Case | Lightweight-Legend Outdoor Industries
Apollo Bow Case
$109.99 - $119.99
Alpha Bow Backpack
Alpha Bow Backpack
$99.99 - $139.99
Compound Bow Case Monstro-Legend Outdoor Industries
MonstroTM Bow Case
 Archery Field Quiver XT420-Legend Outdoor Industries
XT420 Field Quiver
$40.99 - $52.99

In case you need to tighten up a wheel, here is a short film showing you how to do that :






Martin Douglas
Martin Douglas